Cricket Victoria – Ringwood District Cricket Association

Ringwood District Cricket Association – Cricket Victoria

The main focus of this project is to gather an extensive base of information from RDCA member clubs and many of the schools located in region.  The RDCA sought a clear understanding of the factors impacting the Association, clubs and the game of cricket in general.   Event Dynamix will place the RDCA in a position to consider ideas and programs that will re-invigorate playing numbers, add to the health of RDCA member clubs and their standing within local sporting communities.

Event Dynamix developed an online ‘Club Census’ and administered the completion of this comprehensive and detailed survey.  Based on the data collected a follow up meeting was conducted with each of the club committees to obtain further information.

Event Dynamix will also visit a large number of schools within the geographic area in order to obtain information about the status of cricket within each school. This includes such things as relationships with local cricket clubs, cricket facilities and equipment held at each school, competing sports etc. A comprehensive School Questionnaire document was also prepared for this purpose.


Cricket Victoria – Ringwood District Cricket Association


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